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What is EX-CODE and what can it be used for?


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EX-CODE is an internal currency of EXMO cryptocurrency exchange. EX-CODE gives an opportunity to save or send any financial tool outside the exchange area.

The main advantages of EX-CODE:

– EX-CODE can be generated in any currency

– Deposit and withdrawal commissions 0%

– Instant deposit and withdrawal of any amount of currency

Brief instructions for EX-CODE use:

1) Enter your wallet and press “Withdraw” EX-CODE

2) Choose a currency to generate EX-CODE

Создать EX-CODE

3) Enter currency amount you want to withdraw with EX-CODE

Create EX-CODE manual

4) Confirmation email is sent to your mailbox

Create EX-CODE manual

5) Confirm or cancel withdrawal with the links in the email

Create EX-CODE manual

6) EX-CODE is generated if you confirm withdrawal

Create EX-CODE manual

7) Also EX-CODE is sent in the email to your mailbox

Create EX-CODE manual

How to deposit EX-CODE into the system:

1) Enter your wallet and press “Deposit” EX-CODE

2) Enter EX-CODE and press button “Load EX-CODE”

Create EX-CODE manual

3) Any currency amount from EX-CODE is deposited instantly to the account and commission is 0%

List of exchanges that currently support EX-CODE: