Instant deposits in EUR on EXMO

GiroPay” and “Bancontact” core advantages... A range of currency pairs on EXMO has been recently extended...

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Instant deposits in EUR on EXMO


EXMO cryptocurrency platform integrates “GiroPay” and “Bancontact” payment systems to make deposits in EUR.

“GiroPay” and “Bancontact” payment systems are already available on EXMO cryptocurrency platform to deposit in EUR. The mentioned payment systems are listed on “Finance” page.

"GiroPay” and “Bancontact” are quite popular among residents of Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Austria. From this moment, EXMO users can credit their accounts from GiroPay”, or “Bancontact” bank accounts.

Core advantages of "GiroPay” and “Bancontact”:

- Speed and reliable payments receipts;
- Real time data identification;
- No expense portion in case of refund;
- Data transmission using SSL-protocols.

A user, who wants to deposit in EUR, needs to proceed to “Finance” page, and press “Deposit” against EUR. Then, a user needs to select “GiroPay”, or “Bancontact”, and add funds.

Please notice, that a range of currency pairs on EXMO has been recently extended. For instance, Polish zloty (PLN) has been listed. Additionally, the platform entered Polish market late November.

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