How to protect account and personal data on EXMO?

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How to protect account and personal data on EXMO?


Please read this information carefully

1. Always check the address of the website in the address bar of your browser.

Official EXMO domain address
Official mirror for Russian Federation

2. EXMO does not send any emails asking to invest, donate or transfer funds.

3. Use 2 Factor authentication on your EXMO account: Account/Settings/Protection Google + SMS

4. Track incoming emails from EXMO: each time somebody logs into your account you should receive an email titled “Successful authorization” with IP address. Make sure it is familiar to your.

5. If your account was hacked or you notice suspicious activity, please contact support immediately.

6. Please, be sure to follow our updates on the EXMO platform, in the ‘News’ section, and through the official channels: Telegram, Facebook, Twitter.

Thank you for staying with us!
Your respectfully, EXMO team